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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Indian Sprints

On Saturday, we had our coldest run since last winter. I'm not talking frost on the eye lashes cold but it was cold. I think my thermometer read 28 degrees when I got out of the car. Despite the conditions, however, we had a total of 8 runners come out for our group run at Clayton where it is now officially looking like fall with leaves everywhere.

As we did our warm ups Nate broke it out -- it being his infamous whistle. For those of you who have ever taken one of Nate's classes no explanation is needed and for those that haven't...well, be afraid of the whistle. After some moaning and groaning was heard Nate then instructed us that his idea for today was to do indian sprints the entire run. Oh joy!

As we set off along the back and headed down towards the soybean fields it started right away. It didn't let up either. By the time we worked our way around to death hill we had done probably 4 or 5 sets. Then, it was time. To run up death hill is difficult enough but to try to pull off an indian sprint up the thing is just plain crazy. About half way up the hill it pretty much fell apart and turned into let's all just try our best to chase Nate and Bill S. up this hill. Once we all reached the trail crossing at the top, half of us took off further up the hill and then turned back around at the top to come back and catch up with the others who had turned left at the trail crossing.

When we all got caught up it was just in time to head straight into the extra loop where, of course, it was time for another couple of sets of indian sprints. When we came out of the extra loop we again split up with half the group heading out (or should I say up) and back and then on to catch up with the others who had headed off in the opposite direction into the down-up-down. This worked out nicely the first time when we did it at the top of death hill. The second, however, not so much. By the time we got back to the spot where we had split they were no where in sight. We pushed on figuring they were just around a corner or something. That wasn't the case though so I started to think that maybe they were trying to lose us. When I mentioned this to Bill S., he replied "let's pick it up and go get 'em!" What else would he say, duh? After a few seconds we caught a glimpse and knew we had them. I could have sworn I heard someone saying: "here they come let's move it!"

When we caught them it was just past "root city" and just before yet another big hill. At this point, I was wiped after pushing hard to run down our prey. I was really looking for a breather when Nate suggests we take off up the hill in yet another sprint and that the last one up has push ups to do. I couldn't get my hands off my knees before everyone was off. It was then that I decided I would welcome the push ups if it meant I could just cruise up the hill and sneak in a recovery. So, I get to the top and drop to do my push ups and what happens? Yeah, they take off again. Now I have to crank out my push ups and push to catch them.

As I started to sprint towards the back of the pack I realized where we were though and that we would be approaching a trail split where as long as the rabbits split to the right I could stay left and time it so they dumped back out right in front of me. It worked perfectly...and for about another 200 feet I was right there with the rest of them. Then it was time for one last uphill sprint which I wasn't feeling at all. Reaching the top dumped us back at the top of death hill. From there it was an easy run downhill and then out to the left with just one long, steep hill to go to get out to the parking lot.

Maybe it's just me being out of shape but this had to be one of the toughest runs we've had with the possible exception of when Nate decided to do 'Death Hill x 5'...wait...uggghhh...did I just mention that??? Well, maybe Nate won't read this.

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Ed, Linda, Nate, Rob

L to R: Ed, Bill S., Butch, Bill Y., Linda, Nate (w/his damn whistle), Rob, Brian

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