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Friday, November 20, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

On Saturday 8 warriors dragged their butts out of bed and met at a soggy Clayton Park. It was so soggy, in fact, that as we did our push-up we felt our hands sinking into the wet ground. After that we popped up, dusted ourselves off and headed straight into the trails. As we headed in I decided we'd try something completely different. Instead of turning off the main path on the way in we dove straight in and followed Bridge's trail all the way around for a short loop, meaning that the big, long hill we usually come up towards the finish was now being tackled in the beginning of our run. I thought it would be nice to hit that hill fresh. It wasn't.

After the first loop we found ourselves back on the main path leading into Bridge's. It was there that I noticed lots of clear trees and even a few fences...perfect back support for some wall sits. So, it was everybody down into a wall sit and let's see who can hang on the longest... Not me! Hey, I just come up with the ideas. I think I dropped after about 30 seconds (weak!). Then the others starting to drop off one by one. In the end there were two remaining and guess what they had in common...yep, they are both boot campers. Linda hung on the longest and after about a minute or so we were back on the trails. Say, have you ever maxed out your quads doing wall sits and then tried to run downhill? Ouch!

Back on the trails and shaking out the legs we headed further down Bridge's until we reached the left turn into Doctor's Creek where we headed in towards and up death hill. At the top of death hill we took another left and then completed the extra loop. Coming out of the extra loop we took a right and then headed back out to Bridge's, made a left, and came out up the big, long hill we had already completed once on our initial loop.

Roll call: Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Damian, Karen, Linda, Rob, Theresa

L to R: Linda, Theresa, Butch, Rob, Karen, Bill Y., Damian, Brian

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