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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I couldn't make the group run this week because I ran with my wife as she completed her first 5k ever! Way to go wifey! As a result of my absence, this week's run report is brought to you by Butch:

We were told it would be scary, we were told there would be monsters, and honestly, it felt like a horror know the scary dream, where you're trying to run away and the zombies are chasing you and your legs don't move?

Welcome to Nate's Scary Trail Run!!! Whistle and all!!!

Aaahhh!!! Mmmmyyyyy leggggssss hurt!!! And boy did they.

After our usual 50 pushups under the gazebo where many happy gatherings occur (not ours of course) we headed off over the footbridge and as soon as we crossed it the whistle was blown and our group was sprinting a painful 40 yard sprint to kick off the latest challenge and torment.

"That shut everyone up pretty quick" I heard Bill S. say.

The monster said nothing, only smiled to himself.

Heading into the trails quickly it was rough going as it was hard to see due to lack of daylight. Staying on the upper ridge after the tennis courts we made our way through and out to the clearing by the lake always hearing:

"Close the gap!"

And then the whistle and another 40 yard sprint to the tree line, then through the trees past the boathouse and stop!!

"Push ups People!"

After catching our breath we headed along the lake on the path to the high wires where we took a left and negotiated the construction area. Just before entering the trails again, we indulged in a squat and hold session. Our legs were like cement.

"Watch the roots people!"

It was the usual trek out to the dam with indian sprints mixed in for good measure. Then back to the parking lot....

And so it went like this: Run, run some more, do some lethargically counted squat and holds, run, do some push ups and squat and hold a little bit more and drag those heavy legs back to the parking lot where, wait, wake up, there on the tailgate...

I see yes, yes indeed the scary nightmare is ending, and we're all waking now as the Munchkins come into view and Jess is treating us this week to Yesss!! more instalax and donuts. Yes indeed, for the third week in a row we ate donuts and gulped our Big Joe while dripping sweat after a total of 125 pushups and what seemed like an hour and a half of squat and holds.

The scary dream was over, but I heard someone say"thank you" for another great trail run...

And then the monster gobbled his instalax and donuts and went home...with his whistle.

Roll call: Bill S, Brian, Butch, Jess, Karen, Linda, Nate, Rob, Rob (the neighbor), Theresa, Yasi

L to R: Rob, Yasi, Bill S., Karen, Nate, Butch, Linda, Rob, Theresa, Jess, Brian

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  1. "CLOSE THE GAP" - I've been hearing that one in my sleep since last week!! Great write-up Butch!!