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Monday, September 21, 2009

There Will Be Mud...

For those of you coming to the Mud Run on Saturday here are a few notes...

We'll be meeting in the parking lot behind Santino's in Robbinsville at 6:30am and then heading out in a carpool down 130 South towards the Air Force Base. Be sure to have photo ID on you or you will not even be allowed on the base. If you prefer to meet us at the base and need directions, click here.

Wear old clothes and shoes. Whatever you wear is going to get trashed, literally...I promise. If you want to wear something crazy, go ahead. I don't just mean Nike shorts with an Adidas top either, although, this is the one day that Nate will let you get away with "brand mixing". Costumes are encouraged and prizes are awarded.

Bring a towel, a change of clothes (including dry socks), a change of shoes, and a large garbage bag. There are open showers for you to rinse off in and gents and ladies tents for you to change in. You'll want to have a bag to toss all your wet, muddy, smelly gear into...especially if you're riding down with me!

Leave your jewelry, garmins, and any other other valuables at home or locked up, out of sight, in the car. If you want to take pictures I suggest picking up a cheap disposable, waterproof camera. There will be at least one moment in this run though where you will start thinking more about survival than anything else. Chances are pretty good it will be when you are neck high in freezing cold water and then you look up to find that you need to pull yourself up a cliff. If you make it through that first easy obstacle though there are plenty of other chances. My point being the less you have to carry the better off you'll be.

Above all else, be ready to have fun and get dirty! Remember this is not your average 10k race so don't expect your average 10k time. You will probably not PR, you will probably not win your age group (well...Frank might), but you will definitley laugh your ass off and be telling stories about the mud run until Christmas. The aches and pains should be gone by Thanksgiving though.

After the run we'll be getting cleaned up as best we can and heading directly to Mastoris for brunch so join us if you will be starving...and thirsty...and very, very tired...but perhaps not in that order.

Additional tips, faqs, and info are available on the Mud Run website.

If you still have questions or concerns leave a comment or email me.


  1. Sorry I had a typo in the last post and that bothers me....

    Hey guys! Curious who's all going? The hubby and I aren't sure yet if we'll be departing from Hamilton or from Sayreville (where my parents live and where our little guy will be spending the night). If we are in Hamilton Friday night, then we'll definitely come meet you for some carpooling/Mastoris action.

  2. Jess, the last headcount I saw was about 25 people...some that you know from the trail run group and others from various gyms, friends of friends, etc.

  3. Thanks for the details Bill. Nice way to set expectations!

  4. Experienced people - shorts or some kind of leggings/long pants?

    Just a plain ol t-shirt? I really can't figure out how to dress for this at all, aside from the fact that whatever I wear should be crappy.

    Is anyone bringing/wearing some kind of gloves for the climbing and rope stuff?

  5. Jess, I just sent you an email but for the benefit of others who might be wondering the same thing...

    Just wear something that you don't mind getting very wet and very muddy. I'd stay away from gloves, or anything with pockets even, since they'll just get filled with mud/water and weigh you down even more. I've see some folks who decide to wear old cargo pants actually rip the pockets off for that reason.

    If you have old running gear that is overdue for retirement then wear that. If you want to dress up in something crazy don't waste your money on a new halloween costume only to destroy can just wear last year's costume, or go to your local Salvation Army store and pick out a funny outfit. After the first combat crawl through the mud pit it doesn't really matter what you're wearing anyway.