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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 3rd Annual Beach Boot Camp/Body Blast CANCELLED

A message from Big Nate...

***Beach Blast Cancelled***Beach Blast Cancelled***

"A CONQUERER NEVER WANTS TO PULL HIS WARRIORS BACK FROM BATTLE...ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CAN TASTE THE BLOOD OF WAR" --ancient quote from Emperor Nate of the Cha-Ching Dynasty-- Although the appears to be clearing here, there are storms down at the shore right now and they are projected to be on and off all afternoon.

But don't be too dissappointed...even though the weather is changing for the season...just get your longsleeves out cause there will be a rain date coming soon. As for Santinos tonight...that part of the event is still on...just meet and greet around the bar area around 9:00

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  1. Well, at least Santino's is still a go...that was sure to be my strongest event anyway!