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Monday, December 14, 2009

Split Squad

This week we had a split squad. There were a handful of us that had other obligations on Saturday, so we decided to meet on Sunday morning to get in our group run. Still, there was a group that met on Saturday as we normally do. There was even one brave soul who ran with the group both days! All together we had 14 runners come out -- 6 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday.

In general, we ran the same path. Straight in from the parking lot, down the hill past the turn into Death Hill, then out to the soybean fields. After a tour of the fields we headed back into the trails, up Death Hill, around the back and then worked our way uphill back out to the parking lot. There were, of course, some slight variations in the paths taken each day but for the most part, both days provided another LSD run. It's only a few more weeks until Chilly Cheeks, so hopefully all this hill work we're doing at Clayton will help us out in Reading, PA.

Roll Call (Sat): Bill S., Brian, Dawn, Nate, Phil, Yasi
Roll Call (Sun): Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Charlie, Frank, Jess, Karen, Linda

Saturday group
L to R: Bill S., Brian, Yasi, Nate, Dawn, Phil

Sunday group
L to R: Jess, Bill S., Karen, Butch, Bill Y., Frank, Linda, Charlie

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