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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Extra

After stuffing our faces on Thursday it was time to pay the price on Saturday. And pay the price we did. A small group of five runners met at MCP and headed out the back of the park towards the rowing center. When we reached the rowing center we stopped along the edge of lake and had a mini exercise session. It was short and sweet, including squats, jumping lunges, burpees and then finally a set of line jumps over the telephone poles used to line the gravel parking area. After that it was back around the lake the way we came and then out the other side, over the foot bridge near the parking lot, and then out to the boat house. At the boat house, we stopped again at the hill. Time for some sprints. Ten of them to be exact. One for each person who showed up on Thursday for our Turkey Day Trail Trot but not on Saturday. After the hill sprints it was back to parking lot but not before hitting a few hills in the trails behind the tennis courts.

We've been very fortunate with the weather we've been having. The temps haven't been too bad at all but this Saturday the wind was fierce and because of it we definitley felt a chill in the air. It was especially cold and windy out near the lake. I have a feeling the real cold weather will be settling in soon. Those of you who ran with us last winter know that we will run anyway. If you weren't out there with us last winter, but will be this year (don't worry we'll make sure you are), now might be the time to start thinking about some under armour cold gear.

Roll call: Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Carlah, Nate, Yasi

L to R: Butch, Yasi, Carlah, Nate, Bill Y., Brian

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  1. I think you just jinxed us with the cold weather talk! I may be jinxing myself right now, but I was out this morning in 32 degree weather and I'm thinking I can pull off some winter running! Here's hoping....