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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trip, Drop and Roll

This week's run report is brought to you by guest blogger Butch:

Four relatively healthy souls braved Clayton today on a beautiful fall morning, while a good number of our crew were home sick or had prior obligations. After telling my story about dry-heaving at the end of last week's run we entered the trails via the soybean field taking a right around the pond and on to the massive uphill that pretty much determines how you will fair for the rest of the trek - see Butch's klutzy tripping episode a treat for all!

Lungs heaving, we connected back to the trail that leads up to the parking lot (no...we didn't run back to our cars) and took the left that leads down the long hill to the split rail fence and across the bridge where we had a nice little run in with DEATH HILL. Pausing at the top (only to enjoy the scenery of course) we continued down and around to the right and back up a small hill where almost in succession Lisa took her first graceful tumble, immediately followed by (newcomer/bootcamper) Theresa - just as graceful! Trip-Drop-Roll!!! Following this loop which continued around and back DOWN DEATH HILL we came back up to the split rail and took the right that took us out around the soybean field to the right of us through the straight away and through to the parking lot.

Roll call: Bill S., Butch, Lisa, Theresa

L to R: Theresa, Linda, Butch, Bill S.

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