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Friday, October 23, 2009

Running for Donuts

The credit for this week's blog post title has to go to Topher over at I'll Run For Donuts. The credit for the donuts (and coffee), however, has to go to Linda who brought them along on Saturday to celebrate Butch's birthday. Ya know, rumor has it Linda had a birthday this week too...I wonder what Butch will bring this week???

While Linda was nice enough to bring donuts and coffee along, she was smart enough not to tell us about them until we reached the dam by way of the twirly bird. That's what I call motivation. It seemed we all found an extra gear once we learned there were snacks awaiting us at the finish. As we headed back we decided to double up on the twirly bird and then took the lower trails back along the lake before turning it uphill and heading back to the bike path for the final sprint.

The weather this week felt more like November/December than it did mid-October with the temp in the lower 40's and a light drizzle. Of course, it was only 3 days later that we hit the lower 70's but that's Autumn in never know what you're gonna get. Hopefully, this coming week will be a little warmer but there is some rain in the forecast yet again. That never stops us though so don't you worry.

Roll call: Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Damian, Linda, Lisa, Nate, Rob, Theresa

L to R: Lisa, Theresa, Butch, Linda, Nate, Bill Y., Damian
(not pictured: Brian and Rob...don't worry guys we ate your donuts!)

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