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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Short and Sweet

On my way to Clayton this morning I looked down and saw my tank was on E. As I pulled into the gas station to fill up I noticed a text from Nate saying he had to skip the group run because he had to be somewhere by 8:30. Before I pulled out of the BP I texted Butch to let him know I'd be there a few minutes late but that I'd be there. By the time I pulled into the parking lot where we meet it was just a few minutes past the hour. It was just four of us that showed up this morning so we got right underway after having put in our push-ups much to Linda's surprise who thought we skipped those when Nate was away -- silly Linda!

We took off from the parking lot and headed right into the trails, taking Bridges Trail out to Doctor's Trail, heading uphill. At the top of the hill, instead of making the left, we stayed straight and headed around the loop on Old Forge Trail before coming to a four way trail crossing. At the crossing we heading right, which I thought would take us out towards the soybean field but instead it put us in the extra loop on Doctor's Trail. Coming out of the extra loop we took a right and headed back the way we came, this time heading back up the hills we ran down on the way in on Bridges Trail.

Roll call: Bill Y., Bill S., Butch and Linda

L to R: Bill Y, Butch, Linda, Bill S.


  1. Great job you guys - hope to see some of you this weekend (and the kiddies) at the Run for Dad!

  2. I wasn't feeling that run. I was glad we took the long route.

  3. Hey Bill Y. Hope things are good with you and the family! I saw Jeannine in school last week and told her that I would join you guys if you were in MCP, but you were in Clayton, so hopefully (depending on the weather) I can join you all tomorrow! See you then.

  4. Hi Yasi! Great, I hope you can join us...I've been hearing for weeks that you were planning on it! ;)