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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Warmup

On Saturday, eight of us met at Mercer County Park for what was more of a "bike trail" run than a trail run. Since it's been raining in these parts for what seems like the past month trail conditions were far from ideal. We headed out from the picnic area on the bike trail, cut in behind the tennis courts, and headed up to the top of the hills. As we exited the trails we took a sharp left and headed up the stone path before taking another left and heading back towards the tennis courts.

The plan all along was to get in some trails and work in the course many of us would be running the next day in the Run for Dad 5k so we turned out towards the street that cuts through the park and headed to the starting line. From there we ran whole course, mostly on the bike path, and then headed back into the trails breifly before hopping on the dry bike path again and taking it to the picnic area where we started.

We welcomed back Sue and Jess this week who were busy with other things the last couple of weekends but who, of course, had been getting their running in and didn't miss a step. We even welcomed a newcomer, Yasi, who joined us after several weeks of toying with the idea. As I think she will attest to, we don't bite, so if you read this blog and think you might be interested, or know someone who might be, just come on out...and if it makes you feel better bring a friend!

Roll Call: Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Jess, Linda, Lisa, Sue, Yasi

L to R: (standing rear) Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Linda, Yasi, Jess (kneeling front) Sue, Lisa


  1. I had a blast! I'll definitely be making it out again, but probably not until the Fall because I'll be living in Philadelphia for the summer (wow, my timing is awful)..I checked out the McGuire AFB Mud Run in September, that looks great! Thanks for telling me about all this Bill.

  2. It was different without running the trails.
    Also was weird for me to be leading the group for a bit.

  3. Dude I SO wish that was me, but I have to confess that is Lisa kneeling in the front with those long legs of hers and ripped arms! I'm the stubby one all the way on the right of the picture in the blue top (trying to hide my not-as-toned arms)! LOL

    And Flyers Bill - great job on your first time leading! I'd totally get us lost out there if I had to do it.

  4. Oh wait a sec, I re-read the caption and I think you did have it right... nevermind! :-)