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Friday, May 8, 2009

Yes...we ran

For those of you have been eagerly anticipating this week's run report (nobody actually does that right?) I extend my sincerest apologies. It's been a very busy week and as a result I haven't made time to post. I promised myself that I wouldn't fall a full week behind though, and since tomorrow is another group run, here it goes:

We met at Clayton on a cloudy morning determined to get a run in between rain showers. It had been raining for a day or so leading in and there were more showers in the forecast. As we set off around the back of the parking lot towards the soybean field, skipping the usual warm-up laps near the parking lot, the pace was casual and there was an awful lot of chattering about this and that. As it usually does the talk cut down dramatically once we got into the run. Nate, who was leading the group, evidently found some sort of zone and took off through the hills of Clayton. We all did our best to keep up with him but at times we had to just drop back. We did a loop through the Doctor's trail and added the extra loop before heading back out of the trails. As we came out I noticed Nate kept running...right to the explained a lot! :)

Roll call: Bill Y., Butch, Nate, Sue, Terry

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  1. I should be there this Sat.
    Rain or shine!