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Saturday, February 28, 2009


There were only six of us that turned out today for a group run at Mercer County Park but a small group, on the last day of a short month put out a big effort on a long run.

We started out heading towards the dam by way of the twirly bird but when we reached the dam path we decided to head straight into the woods and play around in the labyrinth that one finds back there. Having spent hours on those trails last year running in solitude and getting lost plenty of times I had a pretty good idea of where we were headed the whole time and don't recall having to back track at all. That didn't stop the rest of the gang from making wisecracks about leaving their compass in the car and wishing they had packed their tents. Much to everyone's surprise, however, we ended up coming out about two miles later right at the foot of the hill next to the dam. This is a much better way to get to that hill, by the way, because it gives folks no choice but to run up it! :) Once at the top of the hill we took a short breather and the always camera ready Bill S., snapped a quick shot of the group...or was he just trying to catch me sitting down?

Now we all know that the shortest path between two points is a straight line but if we wanted to run in straight lines we would be meeting at the local track to do sprints. With the out behind us at this point the back would be no different. We resisted the urge to hop on the bike path and take it directly back. Instead we stuck to the trails and pushed through weaving all the way back. We even threw in some stairs near the boat house and a couple of decent hills too before the final kick over the foot bridge and into the parking lot.

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Charlie, Jenn, Terri

Taking a seat


  1. It was a good run. I wish I would have felt better, to enjoy it more.
    Nice way to end Feb. on a nice 8 mile trail run!

  2. It was a great run. I didn't wear a watch and didn't pay attention to where we were going. I just put one foot in front of the other and followed you and Terri. The extra two miles made for an even better (tougher) workout than usual.