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Friday, March 26, 2010


Please see the message below for a special challenge from Nate:

So some of you barely survived the last war and some of you have never tasted battle!!!

So once again, I am calling all the Warriors, Soldiers, and Wild Animals...This event is for my advanced level combat killers...You know who you are!!!. ...If you are getting this event invite, you are among my elite athletes and have made the cut. Now you have to prove you are worthy...If you survive, this training will turn you into a finely tuned, rock body killing machine. If you think your training has been haven't seen anything's time to step it up to the next level


Advanced Training Camp will be held every Tuesday night, 7pm to 8pm from March 30 to April 27. Classes will be held at the Robbinsville Field House Indoor Training Facility.

Advanced Training Camp will consist of speed, strength, endurance, and interval training all wrapped up in what seems like a never ending hour.

As whining!, no crying!, no stopping!, no dropping!, no quitting!

The cost for the camp is $125 and is due on the the night of the first session. There are a limited number of slots...and I will be reserving slots for invitees strictly on a first come first served get your's now before they are gone...

Call for additional details...609-751-1079

Get Ready and Get Some!...

Big Nate

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