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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Don't tell the librarian, but this post is long overdue! Between getting sick over the holidays and trying to keep pace with 3 kids during Christmas I've been a big time slacker when it comes to keeping the blog updated...not to mention my own general fitness. Have no fear, however, because here, finally, are couple of quick recaps and pics from the last runs of 2009.

On Christmas Eve, a couple of us met at Mercer County Park for an easy run. It was anything but though because the snowstorm we had received earlier that week left the trails covered with ice and snow. For most of the run the group stuck to the bike path which they had at least attempted to plow and didn't even venture into the deep snow which had hidden our trails. Even though I had to leave early I enjoyed the chance to use my Kahtoola MICROspikes. I'm really looking forward to using them out in Reading, PA, when we head out to the Chilly Cheeks race too. They definitely provide the extra traction needed when running in slippery conditions and I'm real happy with them.

Roll call: Bill Y., Butch, Frank, Linda, Nate, Yasi

L to R: Linda, Yasi, Nate, Butch, Frank (not pictured: Bill Y.)

On Saturday, the day after Christmas, the group met at Clayton Park and attempted to get a run in despite the dreadfully soggy conditions. With the temps having taken a bit of a jump melting away some of the ice and snow, and rain showers on top of that, the trails were reportedly the worst they've ever been. Although I wasn't there to "enjoy" it I'm told it was quite the run. For details, be sure to check out Charlie's report.

Roll call: Bill S., Brian, Butch, Charlie, Linda, Nate, Rob, Yasi

L to R: Charlie, Bill S., Linda, Butch, Yasi, Rob, Nate, Brian

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