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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Soybean Sprints

I knew we were in trouble when Nate busted out that damn whistle of his. I had no idea just how much trouble though. I've run at Clayton dozens of times but I saw parts of that park I had never seen before. Evidently, there is a whole lot more soybean field than we've been running past. Nate, who had secretly scoped it out earlier in the week, found some additional fields outback and decided that we were going to do those dreaded indian sprints around the perimeter of the fields -- all of them! By the end of those everyone except Charlie, who is in marathon shape and loves to sprint, was hunched over gasping for air. Only for a minute or two though, which was just long enough to learn about the Walter Payton workout, and then we hit the trails. After all, this is a trail running group...isn't it?

We headed into the back of the trails, made our way out to Doctor's Creek and eventually climbed death hill. Having already died once thanks to the sprints our trip up death hill was extra morbid. At the top, we again took a minute to catch our breath, checked the time, and then headed back down the other side of death hill and wrapped back around to the left once we hit Doctor's Creek again. From there we made our way out to the parking lot after one final climb.

Roll call: Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Charlie, Linda, Lisa, Nate, Theresa, Yasi

L to R: Theresa, Yasi, Nate, Bill Y., Charlie, Brian, Butch, Lisa, Linda

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  1. I forgot to mention that we had donuts and coffee after this run. Thanks Nate!