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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Push Ups (And a Little Trail Run)

On Saturday we met at Clayton with the intention of running a little trail. Anyone who has been there before knows that we start off all our runs with some push ups. This week, however, Nate decided we were going to do more than our fair share.

After our initial 50 we took off around the back of the soybean field and headed into the trails only to reach a clearing where we dropped and put in 20 more.

Then we got up and ran some more trail until we hit another clearing where we dropped and did 20 more.

With 90 in the book we headed up death hill. Once we were at the top we took a left and headed around to come up the backside. As we reached the next hill Nate decided to thrown in a little competition. It was an all out sprint to the top of the hill. We took off in two groups: first the men, then the women. The last person to reach the top from each group was rewarded with more push ups.

At the next hill we did the same thing.

As we jogged along recovering from the back to back hill sprint races I led the group in a short cadence:

I don't know what you've been told,
Nate's not young but he sure he ain't old...
He's the big dog and the rest of us our pups,
Came for a run and did a thousand push ups!

Then we headed down death hill and back out to the soybean field for one last climb out to the parking area.

In the end, it was only about a 4.5 mile trail run but depending on how fast we made it up the hills we also did anywhere from 100-130 push ups too! Ok, so maybe that's not quite a thousand but I took some poetic license to close the cadence. :-)

Roll call: Bill Y., Brian, Butch, Fred, Jess, Linda, Nate, Rob

L to R: Rob, Jess, Nate, Butch, Brian, Bill Y., Linda, Fred

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