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Monday, August 17, 2009

Trail Joggling

On Saturday, we met at Mercer County Park and ran an easy out and back to the dam. With the recent downpours making a mess of the trails we stuck to the bike path until reaching the tennis center then ducked in behind it to enter the trails. From there we headed out the boat house and then up to the twirly bird. After the twirly bird it was straight across the road into the trails which we took all the way out the dam.

On the way back we pretty much followed the same path except we skipped the twirly bird this time in exchange for heading down to the foot bridge, over the creek, past the boathouse, up the stone hill, then back into the trails before exiting near the tennis courts and taking the bike path back to the parking lot.

Along the way back from the dam we had the unfortunate experience of coming across the world's grumpiest trail runner who shot us a death stare as our paths crossed along what were obviously her trails and not ours. Her reaction to our presence was laughable actually. I really don't know what her problem was but I wish I would have gotten a picture of the look she shot us. It was priceless!

Another noteworthy item was the abundance of stray tennis balls we found near the tennis center. I think we ended up with 5 or 6 in total. So what does one do when stumbling across a so many tennis balls while trail running, you ask? Well, juggle, of course! To be fair, I didn't start juggling them until we reached the bike trail so it's not as hazardous as it may sound. Of course, nobody had a camera on them at the time so we had to settle for the re-enactment below when we reached the parking lot and Bill S. got his camera out of the car.

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Fred, Jess, Sue

L to R: Bill Y., Sue, Bill S., Jess, Fred


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  1. Bill you are too honest with your "reenactment" note and photo caption!