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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Better late than never...

Things have been pretty busy for me this week so here it is Thursday and I'm just getting to post the run report now. I know all of you are eagerly anticipating it (not!) so here it goes...

We met at MCP, started off on the bike path to the first trail entrance and ducked in there to find it very muddy. When we got out from there we stuck to the bike path and headed back into the trails up behind the tennis center. Upon exiting the trails again we hung a left and headed up the stone hill, then took a right and headed down towards the boat house on the bike path, then over the bridge until we reached the power lines and cut it back into the trails. At some point there we took a wrong turn and ended up looping back around to the power lines and then headed back into the trails and took them out to the dam.

When we reached the clearing that leads to the dam there was some chatter about people wanting to do indian sprints and the next thing I new Lisa came sprinting by and didn't stop. I waited for a few seconds for the next person to come on up but it didn't happen and I noticed that Lisa was still sprinting putting quite a gap between herself and the front of the line so naturally I took off. There were a couple of us that were crazy enough to go after her and ended up sprinting pretty much all the way out to the dam. Others just hung behind at normal pace which I have to admit was probably the smarter thing to do. Once everyone reached the dam we did our hill sprints and then headed back. On the way back we streched it out a little longer hitting the twirly bird, running up the stone hill again before heading back into the trails, and then coming out again behind the tennis courts to pick up the bike path back to the parking lot.

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Carlah, Charlie, Fred, Jess, Linda, Lisa

L to R: Bill S., Fred, Lisa, Butch, Linda, Charlie, Carlah, Bill Y. (not pictured: Jess)

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