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Sunday, July 19, 2009


It had been over a month since we ran at Clayton and it felt like it. No matter where else we are that first week back at Clayton is always a tough one. I suspected it would be so we started off easy. We headed into Glen Trail at the entrance and took it in the reverse direction than what we usually do which meant the hills we're normally running up, we got to run down. When we reached the bottom and came out near the soybean field we hung a right and headed into Doctor's Creek taking it all the way over to "the hill". Once up the hill we took a left, then a right, looping back around and eventually heading back down "the hill". At the bottom, we made a right and then headed out the way we came in which, of course, meant that those downhills we enjoyed on the way in were now the uphills we were used to seeing.

I think this week was the shortest run we've ever had at just under 4 miles. I'm not usually one to even pay too much attention to the distance during the group runs but this week was noticeably short. I usually pay more attention to the time since most folks have places to be so we're trying to get them out of there on time. That was the case this week too but perhaps we could have found the time and stretched it out just a little longer.

We introduced two runners to Clayton this week: Heather L., who has been running with us the last couple of weeks at Steinert and MCP; and Carlah, who came out for the first time on Saturday. The both of them did very well for their first run at Clayton and we look forward to having them with us again next week when we return to the hills!!!

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Carlah, Fred, Heather, Linda, Lisa

L to R: Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Linda, Carlah, Fred, Lisa, Heather L.

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  1. It was probably my fault you kept it short.
    But thanks, I was able to get home and shower before heading to HTRBA.