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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington Crossing

On Saturday, four of us hit the trails at Washington Crossing for a change of scenery. With all our group runs usually being at either MCP or Clayton, it was nice to see some new trails for a change. The park definitely has a lot to offer and we'll be sure to get it into our rotation throughout the summer. Many thanks to Heather for leading the way -- how lucky is she for having those trails to run all week at lunch hour?

We met in the parking lot next to the Nelson House, between the canal and the river just off River Rd. I knew the location from having met there twice: first to run the canal about a year ago with Trenton Runs, and then more recently on Wednesday to meet Heather for a preview of the trails at Washington Crossing. It was about 7:15am by the time we got underway because, unfortunately, we were waiting on Jess who had some trouble finding us...blame it on the GPS. I say unfortunately not because we were waiting but because she never made it to the meet up and so not only did we miss her on the run, I couldn't present her with the AG award she won the week before at the Run for Dad 5k. :-(

We took off from the parking lot, up the pedestrian bridge that leads over River Road, and then made our way into the park and hit the trails. Since Heather is familiar with the trails she led us through most of the run giving us a nice taste of what there is to see there. In addition to some nice trails, we hit some decent hills, crossed a couple of bridges, and even saw some deer (and a hot dog that started chasing us for a bit at mile 2.5!). At one point we crossed paths with another larger group from Bucks County Road Runners who was out on the trails. For a few seconds I worried about the potential for a turf war...then Karen was quick to remind us that "they" were on the Jersey side of the river! :) We looped around for about an hour and eventually came back out the way we went in, back down the pedestrian bridge, around the front of the Nelson House, and into the parking lot.

Roll call: Bill S., Bill Y., Heather, Karen

L to R: Bill S., Bill Y., Heather, Karen

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