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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man down!

Early on Saturday morning I got a text from Nate saying that he wasn't feeling too well and had decided to skip the run. Usually, when we run at Clayton I have to depend on Nate to lead the way because even after a couple of years of running there I still get lost. Drop me blindfolded in Mercer and I'll find my way without a problem but all the trails at Clayton just look the same to me.

Anyway, six of us met at Clayton for the group run. We headed out around the back as we have been doing for the last several Clayton runs and then eventually took it around Doctor's Trail but instead of making the left on the way out we made the right and headed back out towards the soybean field. Once we reached the soybean field we again stayed right and went back out the way we came. This trail (Bridges?) always surprises me on the way out. On the way in it never really feels like you're running downhill that much but in the opposite direction you realize it's a nice steady incline. Once we reached the apex it was just a few hundred feet before the final left turn into the straightaway back to the parking lot -- sprint and hurdle optional.

Pictured below is a post-run shot of the group compliments of Linda and her automatic camera. Be sure to check out some other great shots from the run , taken by Charlie, over at Shoreturtle.

Roll call: Bill Y., Butch, Charlie, Heather, Jess, Linda

L to R: Jess, Heather, Butch, Bill Y., Charlie, Linda

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  1. Looking forward to getting back with the group. Maybe this weekend, but def on the 6th.