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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Springtime in the Park

For those of you who used the cold weather as an excuse to stay away, the time has come to join us. The forecast for this Saturday's run calls for sunshine and temps in the 50's, rising into the 70's later in the day. That means that Spring has finally arrived! Pack away the treadmills, break out the shorts, swap that hat for a visor, get an early start to what promises to be a beautiful day and get yourself to Mercer County Park this Saturday at 7am. See you there!!!


  1. I'll be there! My schedule says I need to do 12. Who's with me? :0) I will probably just keep running after we're done with the trails.

  2. Great! It'll be nice to have you back with the group. If I didn't have to get back home to get the kids over to the YMCA I would stretch out the distance and put in 12 with you. There may be others who are willing though. Another idea which several of us have used in the past is to run to the park, meet up, and then finish with the group. Not sure how far you live from the park, or if that'll work into your plans since you'll probably have to get up earlier than normal. If you need a ride home afterwards that can be arranged too. See ya in the AM!

  3. I saw this race and thought of you guys:

    Muddy Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon, Craigmeur Recreation Complex, Rockaway, NJ