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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hill Sprints Disguised as a Trail Run

Two weeks ago we tried to run Clayton and it was an icy mess. Today, however, things were quite different. With the warmer temps we've been having, all of the ice and snow was completely melted and the trail conditions were about the best we can ask for in the middle of February.

We took the same path we attempted last time heading out around the soybean field to start and coming back uphill on Bridges Trail towards the parking lot, briefly picking up Glen's Trail, and then taking the top of of Bridges Trail back out to Doctor's Creek Trail. From there it was the Doctor's Creek Trail loop, and then back out onto Bridges Trail all the way up to the parking lot. If you're feeling lost like most of the gang along the way here's a trail map.

Since the trail map is flat, however, you'll just have to take my word on the amount of hills we hit along the way. It seemed like everywhere we turned we were heading up another hill. It didn't help that Nate decided to lead us in a sprint up almost every one too! I don't think there was anyone out there today that wasn't feeling it by the end. Our mileage was a little less than normal but we certainly put our work in on those hills. Hopefully, we'll be glad we did next week when we head back out to Reading, PA, for the Ugly Mudder.

Roll call: Andre, Bill S., Bill Y., Butch, Cassie, Charlie, Diana, Mariana, Nate, Teri, Tom C., Tom P.

So glad to be done!
Pictured L to R:
Teri, Bill Y., Andre, Mariana, Charlie, Butch,
Cassie, Bill S., Nate, Tom P., Diana, Tom C.


  1. ....and Bolt the trail pooping wonder dog...aka Cassi...Nate

  2. Good run today. I def want to know what Nate did Fri nite, because I am going to need that energy to survive the UM !

  3. I love that Cassi posed the photo too.