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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nate's back!

A message from our slightly over-motivated Nate...

Listen Up Trail Runners!

As the temperature drops…we are going to see who the real soldiers are…If last year is any indication, it will be me and Bill carrying the torch again this year for all you so-called warriors who start to get soft when contemplating a thermometer that is quickly approaching zero. Remember…legions of the world’s greatest armies never waited for warm balmy days with cool breezes to get crackin!. Looks like we may be in the single digits this weekend…wassamatta? Huh…you scared?

Now let’s get some logistics out of the way. In an effort to streamline the communications in the most effective way…we will be phasing out the blast emails in favor of posting the latest news on runs, races, member milestones, or just whatever on the new blogspot created by our own Bill Yorke…you may know him as “Runners World Bill” cause he always looks like the cover shot of a magazine when he’s running…Show off!…Kudos’s to Bill for a great job on getting the blog up and running…check it out and bookmark it.

At last count we had 12+ of you savages registered for the upcoming Chilly Cheeks race on Sunday the 25th…we will be coordinating the trip so that we can take a big caravan of runners and keep the planet green…some suggestions for first timers…Bring:
-A warm dry change of clothes
-A garbage bag to put your wet stankin (yes STANKIN) clothes in
-All your race accessories (water, goo, whatever)
-A windbreaker jacket
-That rowdy raucous Hamilton Area Trail Runners noise to let everyone know we are in the building

Remember…we will be staying for beer and breakfast after the event.

And lastly…I hear the trail group kept it CRACKALACKIN with an extra spirited run just to shake thing up a bit over the last two weeks in my absence…well I will let you know that although some of us were on vacation, I can confirm that WE STILL GOT OUR WORK DONE! and will not be missing a beat on our return.

And oh yeah…Git Yo A*SS to Mercer County Park picnic area at 7am for this Saturdays run.

Our Credo…No Slacking!, No Dropping!, No Stopping!

Big Nate


  1. See ya there, and I'll make sure my camera's battery is charged,

  2. I will be there too! You know those pretzel city runners would still be wearing shorts in this weather...thank god none of us are that crazy...right?

  3. make it 13 for Chilly Cheeks.
    I just registered.