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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Hills of Mercer County Park

We had a great run today. There were a few noticeable absentees...I just hope they enjoy their Cayman Island cruise as much as we did the trail run. ;-) The lake has finally started to freeze which means all that mud around it has hardened up and makes for easy passage. We started out at the usual spot today and headed into the trails at the first entry off the bike path. We stuck to the trails and hung low along the edge of the lake. After coming out near the boat launch we hopped on the bike path for a short stint and took it up to the trails near the volleyball courts to get the "twirly bird" over with on the way out to the dam and then stayed on the trails all the way out. After reaching the dam, going down and sprinting back up the hill next to it, we headed straight back the way we came minus the twirly bird and back into the trails along the edge of the lake until turning it uphill, heading towards the tennis courts, and then picking up the bike path again for that last half mile back to the parking lot.

As with all our runs there were a few notable sights worth mentioning: a turtle coming out of it's shell despite the lack of media attendance, a bunch of deer upon entering the "twirly bird" trail, another beautiful sunrise over Mercer Lake, and an old friend who is too intimidated to run with us because she thinks she can't hang...which is just plain silly!

Roll call: Jenn, Charlie, Butch, Tom (#1), Tom (#2) and Bill Y.


  1. Sounded like a good run.
    Maybe I'll be ok for next Sat.

  2. I'll be there bright and early. Dress warm everybody!